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January 8, 2018

Eduardo Leite

Eduardo Leite is/ was the youngest mayor in Brazilian history when he was elected a few years ago. We recalled seeing his deliciously sexy photos on another website shirtless drinking the native yerba (see above). That moment was etched and ingrained i our memory forever. Eduardo is may of the small city of Pelotas, Brazil. Telephone your travel agents now.... If you'd like to view pics of this hot guy you may surf his Instagram .

We only wish that he'd post more shirtless photos and underwear-selfies for his adoring fans. Yet, he fills out the jeans and pants very well there's not much left for the imagination!

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May 7, 2022

Madison Cawthorn Sex Tape Leaked

Madison Cawthorn's political life should be over fairly soon. He is a Primary challenger endorsed by Trump and the far right. Madison a Republican starlet has upset somebody because these video leaks and dropping daily. I always assumed he had some sugar in his shoes. Neither of the videos thus far confirm my suspicions however they do offer insight into his private life. The first video in the montage is of Madison and his cousin in an automobile, Madison is in the driver’s seat which perhaps he shouldn't be since his driver’s license is revoked. His cousin Stephen Smith playfully gropes Madison’s crotch. In the second video sequence Madison is naked in bed, humping his cousins face. Very jarring sight of his ass thrusting.

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July 7, 2022

Alexandre Frota [THROWBACK]

Alexandre Frota is an original Brazilian party boy from the 2000's. He is a sexy muscled beefcake, now daddy that still excites many. Frota was one for the first mainstream actors to cross-over or dip his enormous cock into adult entertainment. Currently he serves in the Brazilian House of Deputies. His political affiliation is an anomaly considering his history of supporting GLBT equality. We recently posted about his handsome well endowed son Maya Frota on our sister blogs here. We suppose that he is immulating his famous father with his provocative photos like this kissing a sailor, taking fruit from sexy male lips in a swimming pool. And of course pinning a guy to the wall in a toilette and kissing him. His homoerotic toilette images caused much gossip and aroused many fantasies. This one of him nude wearing only boots in toilette is hot. But our favorite homo-fetish image is this cruising threesome. Thsi would be our second most favorite with him waring Stilettos. After the jump we have several videos. Enjoy!

Alexandre Frota's, official social mediaInstagram, YouTube, Twitter

BCNSFW © is a members' forum of archived digital content. All visual content is archived from public forms. Copyright remains that of owner in likenesses. Enjoy the view and stay tuned.

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